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1964 Ford Galaxie Street Machine Twin Turbo 1100 HP

The Ford Galaxie was introduced in late 1958 with theFairlane 500 as the top trim level

The Ford Galaxie was built in the United States by Ford for model of 1959 to 1974. The name was used for the top models in Ford’s full size range from 1958 until the late 1961, in a marketing attempt to appeal to the excitement of the Space Race. For 1962, all full-size Fords wore the Galaxie badge, with “500/XL” and “500” denoting the higher series. The Galaxie 500/LTD was introduced in 1965 followed by the Galaxie 500 7-Litre for 1966.

A customer showed up as a typical Hot Rod or something he found somewhere and had to have it and then it was turned to the beast that it’s become. It’s got 482 inch twin turbo boiler built a camera motor on it. It made 1100 Horsepower, 11 pounds of boost on 91 octane. Backed up by four LED transmission – the paint body on it.  

At the SEMA Show 2017 I recorded a 1964 Ford Galaxie … Even though, these 1964 Ford Galaxie were cool cars from the factory, maybe some correction to them isn’t bad to make them more fit and to finish some issues… Then you can slam it to the ground… Under the hood put a twin turbo big block Ford … And then you are ready to drive it …. But to that add something … A type interior that is very nice and pro…

If you want to nap in them you should make your wheels deep enough… Black is class, so paint it in black … With what you should end up with is this. When you pull down the street this Hot Rod will send the neighbors to run for cover. From the SEMA Show 2017 very cool Hot Rod …

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