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A description of an upgraded Lamborghini

Recently, Lamborghini cars has become even more famous than in the past, and that is because the Volkswagen Group started to re-create the old Lambo models, of course, putting the legendary bull emblem on each of them again. Maybe the most famous Lambo model was the V10  engine Gallardo, even though all Lamborghinis are equipped with V12 engines and don’t have gull-wing doors.

The talented tuning craftsman Adrian Bomba of xXx Performance from Bochum does his work quite well. He surprises people regularly with extreme conversions, such as the 2005 Lamborghini, the model that was remade in a special way that served as a basis for reconstruction and tuning of a few Audi R8 models.

For some people, the Gallardo is the best Lamborghini model that has ever been made, and if people better look at it, it seems like a refreshment to the whole market, because of its new design, which means some huge side extensions and rear apron together with the front apron with LP560 design. To get this look, the xXx Performance equipped the the rear with some real carbon parts from the Gallardo Superleggera, including the rear flap and wing. The remodeling of the rear lights was a challenge because Adrian Bomba, after hours of hour of work, decided to use the rear lights of the LP560 model, which can only be bought from xXx Performance.

Everything was displayed through the standard wrapping of xXx Performance. Most Lamborghini Gallardo models can be seen on the highways Germany, pained in dull black or silver color, but xXx Performance’s artisans covered the external shell in black chrome, while the inside edges of the front air ducts and the edge of the roof are shining in neon orange.The interior is wrapped in leather with white fancy stitching, and of course, the xXx logos are inevitable.

Moreover, the xXx Performance put a G-ride air suspension combined with KW damping to adjust the hardness, which also has two folds. The level is regulated electronically thanks to a system with is supported by another OEM Technology air-drying system. The mbDesign KV1 Deep Concave rims finished with black chrome are combined with 9×20 inches wheels on the front with Hankook S1 Evo tires with the dimensions of 235/30R20, while in the rear the wheels are 12×20 inches and the tires 305/25R20.

Now, the V10 engine was also remade and its software optimized. Its maximum power is increased, and now it exceeds 560 horsepower. Another new feature is the opportunity to control the new exhaust system through Bluetooth. The abovementioned Adrian Bomba biturbo conversions that surprise fans have three power stages the first of which is 850, while the last is 1,200 horsepower.


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