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A legendary Audi R8 “drives” on the marketplace

The most valuable thing for an ordinary German is his car. Last month, an auto racing photographer whose name is Jordi Miranda had the great opportunity to see a new German car model, the spectacular Audi R8. An ordinary person cannot realize that there are a lot of modifications made to this car, not only its excellent paint job is considered unusual. The real fan of Audi models will realize all the considerable changes made to this model. The Audi R8 seems wider when compared to the other models, and has lowered tarmacs. Yes, that’s right, it has width increased for two metres, and, of course, it is lowered into its tarmacs, its front fenders are completely redesigned and its rear valance is constructed in a small batch. Audi R8’s designers have reached their goal: they have created an excellent car that is ready to be delivered. These modifications will be recognizable to any Audi enthusiast at a second glance.

So, not any artificer can do these things to an already perfect vehicle. Schmidt GmbH is a company from Germany that has the best craftsmen and the best technology. It is located in northern Germany and their primary field of work is to make custom-made German Tuner wheels most of which are modular and fitted with Radinox lips. They test nearly most of the rims they produce which are created to be used at a speed of 150mph or more on the long German highways.

Every car that is projected must be precisely measured. When all the significant places will be scanned into the 3D, the craftsmen will begin to modify the vehicle. Of course, the Tuner will create a new and a special car according to the wishes and demands of the customers who intend to buy the car.

This model of Audi is described as a personalized car. It has transformations made at Triple-X, located in Bochum. The practiced craftsmen made transformations to the front and rear wheel arches to take deep concave wheels. These concave and dish-shaped wheels are produced by Schmidt GmbH and the modified split rims are created flush with the arches of the wheel.

The whole body of the Audi R8 is enlarged by 40 mm at the front and the 70 mm at the rear and it has Hankook tires of the type S1 Evo 305/25R20 and 235/30R20 on the front wheels. As we already mentioned, they have Radinox lips which are 5,5 inches at the rear and four inches at the front. Oh, and they have put a throttle systemin the car too, just to make the Exhaust sound even more silent.

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