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A winwin combination aredesigned 69 Camaro

Back in the 60s, the most famous muscle cars reached the highest point of their fame. Amazing car designs were shown, enormous amount of money was spent and people paid thousands of dollars just to get better car than their friends. Of course, we are talking about fast cars, powerful engines and outstanding designs. Recently, people spend thousand of dollars to improve the cars they already and in order to make their wishes come true, they use different methods. So, how do they do that? Some of them use ‘pro touring,’, while other add some new technology whose primary function is to increase the vehicle’s performance.

Usually they add this performance technology from the newest and the most powerful muscle cars. At the end, they have a classic car with a modern look- a win-win combination. Ok, we have said enough about the old muscle cars, and the one we will discuss is the ’69 Pro Touring Camaro RS, one hell of a car!

Heidts front and rear suspension is a perfect match to the Wilwood disc brakes on the car’s wheels. It can be purchased from RK Motors, and its success is enormous, starting from 2013, after its debut, until today, marking the Camaro production of the 21st century.

The redesign of Camaro means a better performance too. Under the car’s hood an impressive Dahmer 604ci V8 engine is hidden, producing a striking 750 horsepower. The added Tremec TKO600 manual with five speeds and the rear-end of nine inches are a combination “to die for”. The carbon fiber air intakes provide the engine with some air.

The Camaro’s cockpit is decorated with a leather, that is, the seats are wrapped in leather, and it features an entertainment system with the best characteristics. Its LED taillights make the distances more visible. The rear spoiler, stinger hood, the grille insert, and the custom carbon fiber front spoiler, all of these features contribute to the whole picture of the ’69 Pro Touring Camaro RS, and that is, a car with a hellish attitude.

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