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Abu Dhabi – the host of this year’s Yas Marina Circuit

Abu Dhabi will be the host of this year’s Yas Marina Circuit where the FXX K research and development programme of Ferrari will be shown for the first time. This is a lab-car built on a hybrid model. And, what does the “K” stand for in FXX K? It is another abbreviation of “KERS”, which means kinetic energy recovery system, and this is responsible for the maximum track performance. However, it wasn’t for competing, instead of that, its manufacturers created it to fulfill the needs of the limited group of Client-Test Drivers who wanted an entirely uncompromising creation, containing technological innovations.

The huge potential of the car is composed by two important figures: a power output of 1050 cv (its V12 engine delivers 860 cv  of it and the electric motor delivers the remaining 190). Its maximum torque is 900 Nm.  

Moreover, the FXX K’s 6262 cc V12 has new camshafts and an altered valve train with mechanical tappets, instead of the hydraulic ones used before. The intake manifolds were rearranged and polished with in a special way. Another redesigned part was the exhaust system.

The result of the upgraded HY-KERS is the ability of the driver to control the function of the vehicle from the centre console with the four setting Manettino. Those four parts are: Qualify- which is responsible for the maximum achievement, The Long Run which modifies the consistency of the achievement, The Manual Boost delivers the maximum torque immediately, and Fast Charge which reloads the battery of the car instantly. The result of the designers’ focus on the car’s achievement is efficient work of the whole car body.

On the front side of the car, a visible feature is the twin-profile spoiler, as well as the30 mm lower larger splitter, whose centre is hollow, with a small gap, which ameliorates the aero balance in the GT category of the WEC. So, as we already mentioned, the main focus while creating this car, was put on the performance of the car.

The rear solutions are quite improved too. The higher tail section and the longer mobile spoiler are responsible for the extension growth of 60mm.  A large amount of downforce is created at the rear of the car that permits the use of extreme diffusion volume. Another “use to the full” of the parts of this vehicle is the flat underbody on the front of the rear wheels, which brings forth the downforce, which is possible because of the decreased pressure in the wheel arch.

The result is a 50% ameliorated downforce in the low drag configuration and a 30% amelioration in the downforce configuration, which results with powerful 540 kg at 200 km/h.

Moreover, vehicle dynamics are ameliorated by the adoption of Pirelli slicks complete which have sensors that supervises longitudinal, lateral and radial acceleration, temperature and pressure as well.


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