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Chevrolet Camaro S 1969 to 2000 of Horses

Masterpiece of the American tuning company Nelson Racing Engines

Nowadays, everything can be tuned. For someone for this endeavor more attractive are new cars, but for some the older, classic cars. However, we assume that the older ones have more work, but the results can be just reward for labor

Proof of this is the Chevrolet Camaro S 1969, which after processing by the American Nelson Racing Engines, now boasts even with 2,000 hp under the hood..

You may be wondering – “How do you achieve that?” Well, it would be within the normal, if under the hood you wouldn’t find a 9.4-liter Big Block V8 engine of Chevrolet, which despite this colossal volume has two turbo chargers and double direct fuel injectors.

All this power is transmitted to the rear wheels via a modified six-speed dual-clutch gearbox with the Dodge Viper.

Audio system in the classic car had a power output of 1.000W. Who cares?

If you wonder about the prices of this wonderful old beast, we’ve done some research and  found some private sellers which price goes from € 39,900 to € 49,900, but if you are a fan and you thinking to have it as a part of your collection there is always price negotiable and you can have it.

The seller describes it as “An Icon of thoroughbreds from the best era of “muscle cars” and “pony cars” in the USA! In perfect mechanical condition, this vehicle has undergone a detailed restoration from sanitizing the entire chassis with sandblasting down to the smallest detail. Placed on a historic plate and ready to enjoy. The only change over the original configuration is that it now has 4 disc brakes, an important safety improvement.

​This car is a rocket ship! Tom Nelson pilots this rocket through Malibu. Three action sequences. Tom tells us about this Nelson Super Car #004. The engine is pace of art . We hope you enjoy the below video and please let us know if you do. Don’t forget to follow us on social media.

Enjoy watching the video 



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