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Chevrolet Nomad’s price went to199,000 €

Have you ever been wondering where to find a turnkey car that turns heads without turning zour anxious over ? Then you will have to look at this unforgettable sport station wagon from Chevrolet. Modified more than a decade ago into a street cruiser, Chevrolet Nomad, one of 7,886 produced that year. If you wonder about the price of this old beast now is not less than 199,000 €.

To match its style, this Nomad had the swagger, modern Chevrolet crate engine beneath its hood. This type of car is said to run and drive it with no issues, because there have been added attractions including a complement of Dakota Digital gauges and an air-conditioning system that has been said to be fully functional.

It has at least 10 years since the aftermarket GM 383-cubic-inch small block performance V-8 has been installed, because the seller doesn’t know the date but at some points believes it has 10 years.

It is said that the rating of the horsepower is unknown, but the rocker covers 383 boasts matte – black and air filter housing triangular is known. Manifold aluminum intake is fed up the engine and also with  a four- barrel carburetor atop. The radiator has been assisted with an electric fan, and via a chromed flex pipe is supplied the coolant to the engine. It is said that the engine to run with no smoke and to start immediately.

The design of the Chevrolet Nomad

Through the four-speed automatic transmission the engine turns a GM 700R4 that is has been reported to change gears without issues. On the radiator tank has been noted the light corrosion, the brake master – cylinder reservoir and the exhaust manifolds.

Being of a driver quality Nomad has been described by the seller, with a finish that’s estimated to be 12 to 15 years old. The car still presents well, in the description of a seller, but is said that finish shows it’s age. Along the roofline are reported the Chips on decent condition. There are also reported other chipped locations, and through the chrome now is bubbling the rust on the passenger side of the front bumper. On the tailgate is also reported other rust bubbling, where can be seen also the evidence of body filler.

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