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Driving a nice HEMI is the feeling synonym for ‘’full house’’ Adrenaline

You will love the fire built that we are going to show you today for sure if you are a fan of Mopars.

Bobby used some modern suspension components to make the 1972 Plymouth Road Runner hooks, it was set up with no electronics but however the power comes from a 100 % old school set up.

To produce way over 1,000 horsepower, this 1972 Plymouth Road Runner packs a 573 Indy headed HEMI punched to 605 cubes and topped with pair of This 1972 Road Runner packs a 573 Indy headed Hemi punched to 606 cubes and topped with pair of 1081 CFM Demon carbs to produce over 1,000 and more horsepower. The Mopar I actually building mostly for the street so that we don’t need to tell you how many miles per gallon you get with the powerplant.

It is very simple the basis of the Hemi design. Half of a sphere is the shape of the cylinder head’s combustion chamber – picture a grapefruit cut down the middle and hollowed out. The spark plug to be placed top – center is allowed by this, in that way it shortens the burn distance of the air / fuel mixture.

On overhead – valve engines, to enhance intake air and exhaust flow in and out of the chamber an exhaust valve is fitted on either side of the plug at the same time. Sufficient compression could not produce flattop pistons due to the hemisphere shape, so to make up the difference were used domed pistons.

Watch the full video and give us your opinion about this!

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