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Ferrari Cars That Leave Fans Speechless

The admirers of Ferrari will have another car to dream about: the new California T. This powerful machine was first presented on the first day of the Goodwood Festival of Speed, and again, it confirmed the uniqueness and potential of Maranello’s engineers, who created a new unit of power which has extremely high levels of accomplishment, boisterous  pick-up and a soundtrack so invigorating, making any turbo far behind it. It is characterized by 8-cylinder turbo engine, 2+2 seats, jointed hardtop, a luggage space up to 320 litres, and a V8 engine with 605 CV.

Ferrari’s admirers will agree: this is most likely the most practical Ferrari model  that has ever been made. During the Goodwood Festival of Speed, the fans of Ferrari sports cars were able to afford a sonic feast with 458 Speciale which gave them a breathtaking demonstration of its abilities and this was its debut at Goodwood. The 458 Speciale has few relevant prizes such as the prize for  of Best Performance Engine of 2014 and the prize for the Best Engine Above 4.0 Litres. Both of the prizes were awarded by the Engine Technology International magazine.

The Goodwood’s was a witness of another spectacular debut, it’s called LaFerrari, which is the newest hybrid supercar which has an amazing 6.3-litre V12 engine which delivers 800 CV, as well as a hybrid system that makes another 163 CV at any time. This car was made in 499 examples, which makes it an iconic limited edition car from the Prancing Horse. The front man of the band Jamiroquai, Jay Kay, owns one of the two LaFerrais shown at Goodwood.

Another participant in the Goodwood Hill Climb was the F12 TRS, a product of theSpecial Projects division of Ferrari. This car was created based on the clients’ demands, and it has two seats and an open top. One of the first ideas for this project is said to be the 1957 250 TestaRossa.

Ferrari fans were also delighted to see Pedro de la Rosa, a Ferrari test driver, who demonstrated the 2009 F60 Formula 1 car, which brought into life the Ferrari’s history in auto-racing. De la Rosa was attending  the whole event, that is, he stayed there for three days and was hanging out with Ferrari’s fans. On Sunday,KimiRaikkonen, the current Scuderia Ferrari F1 driver rejoined him. The purpose for which Kimi got there was to commemorate John Surtees, the winner of the F1 Driver’s title in 1964, who was also a World Champion of Ferrari F1.

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