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Ford’s comeback with a classy new model

Тhe Ford Performance Vehicle division in Australia  is finishing this month, and for that reason, The blue Oval has decided to create a limited run of GT F 351 sedans. It is made up upon the characteristics of the current Falcon GT and the strongest GT sedan that has ever been produced by Ford Australia.

Australians will be able to get 500 units, and the rest of the 50 examples put on sale will surprise someone in  New Zealand, each with a horsepower of 471 (351 kW), a supercharged V8 under its hood and with a price of AU$77,900 ($72,860).The GT F’s output was distinctively selected as a reference to the recognizable 351 cubic-inch 5.8 liter V8s, as in the original Falcon GTs.

FPV Chief Program Engineer, Peter de Leur, announced that their aim was to make the best vehicle they could, that is, a vehicle that is obviously connected with the  Ford GTs, but it proves once again that the performance credentials of Ford are unbelievable. Made for the reason to boast about Ford’s performance brand, the new FPV GT F 351 also pays attention to the legendary Falcon GTs of the late 1960s and early 1970s. Each of them will have its own individual build number, with many special numbers reserved by Ford collectors and Falcon GT enthusiasts.  So, how does GT F 351 look from the outside?

Today was the first day of revealing GT F’s unique bonnet black out, which looks like the original Falcon GTs. Its black out panel stretches over the roof and the rear deck lid, which give the FPV a new, different look.

The exterior part of this model, exposed on the Ford Performance Vehicle division caught the eyes of many potential customers, as it has special gloss black accents on the raccoon eyes, grilles, appliques, handles of the doors, as well as rear diffuser, proving again that GTF is one of its kind. The GT orange detailing is another characteristic of this new and famous FPV, with its exceptional 351 badging, instrument dial faces, seat stitches and embroidery, build number and manual transmission plaquette and the ICC start-up screen. If someone is really interested in this model, he/she should know that there are five colours of it. The buyers can choose among three colour tonings that give the impression of possessing a modern car, or an elegant car that from the outside looks like the first  Falcon GT.

The inside should not be neglected, too, because this GTF looks more modern with its dark tones and bright finishes, as well as with its instrument panel spears which the old FPV models don’t have.

Overboost Function – De Leur also said that when they started the program, they had the chance to look for some performances which will help the engine to increase its power and they have added rear camber bolt adjustment on the rear suspension.

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