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If it has a Ferrari sign on it then it must be one hell of a car

F60America, the new limited edition car was first shown at the anniversary celebration, and it surely fulfills the “dream car” criteria for it has the American customers’ favourite parts of a car- a V12 engine and an open-top driving. The potential buyer would be happy to know that this car would have only 10 “twins” around the world, another reason to make a decision to get this car. This is not done for the first time though, the 1967 275 GTS4 NART Spider, made especially for the use of Enzo Ferrari’s US customers is another model of which only 10 were produced.

Those concerned with the speed of this machine should know that this car can sprint from 0 to 100 km per hour in an unbelievable 3 seconds! Its volumes are exquisitely shaped and extraordinarily balanced, which are improved and made in accordance with the requirements of the producer.

From the outside, this ferocious machine has the chrome-finished visor, which is another feature of Ferrari’s models and its brakes has integrated air supplies. The carbon-fibre-trimmed flying anchors  stretching from the back of the cockpit to the rear uphold the roll-hoops decorated with leather. A light fabric top, which is used for closing the car has a speed of up to 120 km per hour.

Now, the place where the magic happens-the interior part of the car. The side  of the passengers is black, but the driver’s spot is red. The dash, the tunnels as well as the door panels on the side of the driver, the whole interior part is made of composite materials and the Ferrari 60th anniversary Prancing Horse badge which is usually on the wheelchairs can be seen on the cabin’s tunnel too.

The features of  F60America are already discussed and Ferrari’s regular customers who are always seeking for a new model, different from the others, are interested in those 10 examples offered by the manufacturer.

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