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Mansory Mercedes-Benz M1000 S63 AMG

One of the most important addresses for Mercedes vehicles refinement is MANSORY. This firm, which is a German firm, confirmed its good work with the production of Mercedes S Class AMG S63.  

The MANSORY aerodynamic programme features a sporty look. The parts of the front spoiler work simultaneously with the fitted LED lights, while the bonnet cover gives the front side of the car a more interesting look. These features are also coordinated with the roof and rear lips, the new side skirts are another characteristic that gives the vehicle even more sporty look, as well as the front wings, which were designed to be a bit wider than the ones in the other models. Moreover, the parts of every car MANSORY produces are made from ultralight material carbon.

Moreover, this vehicle is also equipped with a MANSORY sports exhaust system that makes the sound low-pitched, but still powerful. A stainless steel is the material of which the rear silencer and the  angular twin tailpipes are made. It is placed in the new rear section and it works in a harmony with it. However, MANSORY is a lot more than an impressive sound. Its achievement has also been measured, and it really is impressive! That is because MANSORY has used AMG S63 eight cylinder twin turbo in an altered form and it has put other elements with a high performance. There are two upgrades that MANSORY offers: the MANSORY M800 variant with a striking 800 hp/588 kW engine operation at 4,750 rpm. Its torsion is electronically limited and it reaches 1,200 Nm at 1,700 – 3,500 rpm. And, the most important, the Mercedes S Class AMG S63 with this engine dashes from 0 in less than 4 seconds.

Now, the whole operation of this vehicle is improved by the upgraded performance kit, that is, the MANSORY M1000. The brilliant new performance kit consists of improved connecting rods, crankshaft, upgraded suction and compressor system, big end bearings, as well as other elements that serve as a substitute for the serial parts.

Another feature of the new AMG S63 is the empowered horsepower, replacing the old 585 hp with an achievement of striking 1,000 hp. Its maximum torque is 1,400 Nm at 1,500 – 3,500 rpm. It sprints to 100 km/h in 3.2 seconds, and it only ceases at an electronically regulated 300 km/h.

Despite of this, there is also a rim program with a splendid scale and extent. MANSORY also provides several wheel sizes and designs, so that any customer would choose his favourite design which can be either sporty or elegant.  The wheels are one-piece 22 inch Multispoke made from alloy, while the tires are 255/30/ZR22 in size on the front and 295/25/ZR22 on the rear.

The usual look of the Mercedes interior is based on comfort, style and sportiness. The aluminum pedals and the sporty steering wheel are responsible for the sporty look of the vehicle, while the foot mats covered in leather make it look even more stylish.

2015 Mansory Mercedes-Benz M1000 S63 AMG



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