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Masterpiece for Chevy dealership

After enjoying the success with its new 1955 models, Chevrolet wanted to keep the momentum rolling with a new lineup for 1958. The all-new models would be based on a completely redesigned, featuring a new “X-frame” arrangement, chassis and the updated line would have a showcase model with a new name: Impala.

The top of the line, Chevrolet had been the Bel Air, but that nameplate would go on hiatus for ’58, along with the old 210 and 150 designations. The base model was the Biscayne, the Delray took over as the mid range model. At the top was the Impala, offered only as a two door hardtop.

The Impala forged into new territory for Chevrolet, offering an upscale model than even the previous top line Bel Air, despite being a marque traditionally known for economy and practicality. Impala was ornate, with aggressive lines, quad headlamps, lots of bright metal trim, echoed with four parking lamp lenses, and at the rear, six taillamps.

Impala conveyed an image of performance and great power, pairing its amazing muscular styling with the name of a notoriously swift creature, and using the likeness of the antelope engaged in its characteristic graceful movement and leap swift. Chevrolet’s Impala would offer several variations of the 283-cu.in. V-8 engine, based on small block design introduced for 1955.

Also available was the brand new “W-series” V-8 engine, displacing 348-cu.in. This was considered the Mark I V-8, an early “big-block” design that would be replaced by the Mark IV big block in production cars in 1965. The new Impala offered the Powerglide two speed automatic, or three speed manual also four speed manual.

This Impala model continued through the year 2020 but it was cancelled as the industry continued to move away from large sedans.

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