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Meet Mansory’s Lambo Aventador Roadster

Open for uniqueness: The Lamborghini manufacturers now present the Roadster and the Carbonado Apertos, the luxurious car which the buyers could get easier than the other Lamborghinis. It is not known which customer will have the honour to get the Lamborghini award, and the company itself assures  the public that the demand for these models will be really big.

Lamborghini thought they had created a car with more carbon, and the manufacturers showed their competence and skillful hands once again. Mansory is a company which really knows how to deal with carbon products, they know how to process ultra-light and high-strength materials by their own , meaning they don’t depend on suppliers. This gives them a total freedom of choice about the design, scope and the vehicle’s power.

So here are some of the characteristics this exclusive car has. Tis bodywork is completely redesigned and it is made of carbon fibre. The Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4 Roadster  has a special design with strong carbon texture.  The striking air intakes allow the fresh air to get to the radiator and the improved downforce provides the marginal area with traction. The front lip is also a new feature, redesigned and improved.

The lights are recognizable even from a greater distance because manufacturers used new carbon techniques. This model is also bigger and wider. And it’s not nice to watch it, it functional as well.

The carbon components of the car look really good, and they also serve as air controllers and they bring fresh air to the parts under the carbon bonnet and to the rear braking system.  This Carbonado Apertos exceeds the performances that Aventador series have.

It also has two original  Mansory turbochargers built-in, as well as full-fledged motorsport components instead of the old cylinder heads, cranks, pistons and connecting rods. Another new component is the custom exhaust system stretching from the engine to the tail pipes made from stainless steel on the rear.

These new performances made the  Carbonado Apertos more powerful than any other Lamborghini created until now, because its horsepower had increased from  700 hp (515 kW) to 1,250 hp (920 kW). The engineers put an electronically limit to its maximum torque, to 900 Newton metres. It sprints from zero to 100km/h in 2.6 seconds, and it stops the acceleration at 380 km/h.

It has forged-alloy wheels which are  9×20 and 13×21 inches wide, and that is the ideal width to put  tires in sizes 255/30ZR20 at the front and 345/23ZR21 at the rear. The cockpit, that is, the seats wrapped in leather, the instrument panel, the airbag steering wheel and the several carbon fittings, shows the contrast between the elegance and the fierceness the Lamborghini cars possess.

The Carbonado Apertos will appear in a limited edition of only three cars and its price is said to be 1.200,000 euros net.


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