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The Almighty Ferrari 458 Speciale a wth 596 HorsePower

The Paris Motor Show world of the 458 Speciale A is officially open, as it was declared from Ferrari’s manufacturers.

The outstanding success of the several versions of the 458 was the reason for creating the new limited edition special series. The 458 has been awarded with many international motoring media awards, among which the 24 hours of Le Mans, the 12 hours of Sebring and the 24 hours of daytona can be considered the most important.

Almost all 458 Speciale A’s forms boast with a high level of performance, experimental and unique metalwork solutions and an aerodynamic efficiency. When it was first shown, it was covered with a yellow wrap made of three layers with a BluNart and BiancoAvusstripe, and it had forged wheels.

While discussing the cockpit, the clients of Ferrari should know that it is designed to look like racing cars’ cockpits; it is made up of exclusive but easy materials, of course, mixed with Ferrari’s fanciness.

The seats were designed in Alcantara© having contrasted stitches and fabric which is 3D technical. Ferrari’s fanciness can be spotted to the finish of the dash too, and the central tunnel is made of an exceptional blue carbon-fibre.

This 458 Speciale A strikes the V8 engine, the one that is naturally-aspirated and that meets all the regular criteria for driving. It possesses a 605 CV, that is, 135 CV/l specific power output as well as a torsion of 540 Nm rpm and it generates only 275 g per km of CO2 emissions. It dashes to 100 km per h in a striking 3.0 seconds. The 458 Speciale A’s rear active aerodynamics , the stamina of its chassis that is made of 10 aluminum alloys and the SSC (this stands for Side Slip Angle Control , and this thing assures you a sporty ride), are responsible for these features of this astonishing car.

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