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The beast of the Green Hell unveiled – The Mercedes AMG GT R with 585 horsepower

AMG-division presented the most extreme version of the super-sporty GT – marked GT R, it is 90kg lighter and has 585 horsepower!

The new Mercedes-AMG GT R is 90 kg lighter than the GT S – it weighs only 1554 kg, and it is all done through lighter components and extensive use of ultra-lightweight materials.

When this is combined with thoroughly processed engine – which now delivers 585 horsepower and 700 Nm of torque – we get performances of that breathtaking! Acceleration from 0 – 100 km/h takes just 3.6 seconds, while top speed is 318 km/h.

However, there aren’t important only performance in a straight line – engineers of GT R dedicated a lot of time perfecting the car on the Nurburgring, so he gets thoroughly revised suspension, body kit inspired by AMG GT3 race car, new air vents, a large rear spoiler and new rear diffuser, light 20-inch forged wheels wrapped in Michelin Cup 2 tires and many other pieces. An important component is the system for the active aerodynamics at speeds over 80 km/h significantly alters the airflow and improves the thrust.

The adaptive suspension is specifically designed to offer the best possible performance on the racetrack. In addition, AMG GT R comes with a system of active management of the rear wheels, which at speeds up to 100 km/h turns the rear wheels in the opposite direction from the front, while over 100 kilometers per hour in the same direction. System traction control allows adjustment of 9 different levels, so the driver can choose the level that suits him most.

The interior gets AMG sports seats wrapped in Nappa leather. The seats are extremely lightweight and offer excellent support in turns. You will notice yellow flashing, yellow belts, and many other sports details.

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