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The BMW 550i F10

Recently, many people prefer to have a car that is “wrapped up” than colored. However, even though today this has become a habit for any car fans, in the past this was an idea that wasn’t lucrative at all. Today, car wrapping is famous all over the globe, especially in America and Europe. This of course is an up-market concept, because most of the customers that require to get a wrapped car don’t regret the money they have given about their car, and all they want is an improved, powerful and good-looking machine. In Hanover, Germany, people can get their car wrapped according to their wishes.

The BMW 550i F10 can also be put into the group of “wrapped” cars. Available either in urban-Taupe-mat-metallic or gray-olive-mat-metallic gives the customers the impression of a mad machine, ready to hit the road. The complete professionalism of the craftsmen who added some shiny-black wrapped shadow-line-elements in the exterior, has also contributed to the perfect look of the car, while the tinted front and rear lamps make this BMW recognizable from great distances. The steering wheel is also wrapped, but the designers used leather while wrapping it. The shinning-black rear diffusor and the bumper lip are another feature of this stunning machine.

Empowered with a V8 – 4.4 liter engine and M-packet, this car offers an amazing driving experience. The 35 mm lowering springs and the Yido Performance YP1 Talia wheels which are 20 inches wide on the front and the rear axle are another proof about the abilities of this amazing car. The company fostla.de has put rims that cost 2,000 € and the wheels are equipped with Michelin Pilot Sports tires that are 245/35ZR20 on the front and 285/30ZR20 on the rear axle. The new racing-inspired exhaust system make the work of the vehicle even more silent.

The above mentioned fostla.de company is a PP-Performance contract company with a seat in Hanover, and it is well-known throughout Northern Germany. The upgrades that this company makes to the cars, such as the PP-Performance refitting enhance the vehicle’s power  and improves its torque.

Finally, if you are interested in the price for the complete refitting of the BMW 550i F10 V8 Bi-Turbo 4.4 with M-packet, we must say, it cost 15.000 €. Just a decent price, isn’t it ?

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