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Ford Mustang – the sound of a stampede

On 17 April 1964 was the first Ford Mustang off the line. Therefore, on the first day Ford was able to sell 22,000 cars. By the end of the financial year on 31 December 1964 were sold 264 434 Mustang. The sedan cost around 2400, the convertible around $ 2600.

There’s nothing like a sound of a stampede. A herd of iconic Mustangs, each giving you the opportunity to make it your own with unique styling and adrenaline performance. Every fan may have their favorite, but the entire lineup will forever invoke a deep sense of excitement, spirit and reverence,.

Strahlemann: The chief designer of the first Mustang model, Joseph Oros has every reason to rejoice, due to the huge success of his “babies.

The Pony Car was available as notchback coupe and convertible, as well as with six-cylinder and V8 engines. The six-cylinder 2.8 liter engine made ​​100 hp, the 4.3-liter V8 165 hp. In the summer of 1964, the displacement of the V8 was increased to 4.7 liters (271 hp).

From the outset, the Mustang was a popular tuning model. The most famous tuning boxes came and continue to come from the house of Shelby – Shelby GT350, the 1965 with 306 hp.

The hatchback variant “Fastback”. The steel sport rims cost just under $ 120 charge and were only available related with the V8 models.

Fun to Drive for 57 years

Mustang number 10,000,000 is a GT convertible painted White color, with a six-speed manual transmission. The spec pays homage to the first serialized Mustang, VIN 001, produced in 1964.
That first Mustang was the same body type, color, and engine type. Back then, the optional V8 fed 164 horsepower to a three speed manual transmission.The 1969 Mustang Mach named “Stampede” was build by GAP Racing out of Texas, Detroit Autorama winning a Great Eight was just the first of many awards this car won…Very cool…
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