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The modern virtual road-racer

Gran Turismo® 6 is the name of the racing title that can be found only on PlayStation®3. BMW’s virtual race car, BMW Vision Gran Turismo that was designed by the BMW Group Design was shown on Gran Turismo® 6, and it made a surprise with its beast of an engine, a three-litre six-cylinder inline one, of course a virtual one, and it has a performance of 404 kW/549 hp and the best handling a man has ever dreamt of. The whole concept of BMW Vision Gran Turismo is a combination of many years of experience with moto-racing. The spectators will be able to try the new virtual car on the virtual track this week in Munich, thus they can get the impression of a real-life driving, because of the racing seat with a three-screen display.

Because of its crisps proportion, the modern road-racer on the first look seems speedy, its front and rear spoilers provide a perfect down-force, and all of its elements that conducts the air make the vehicle’s drag smaller and lower its total weight. To cut to the chase, this driving machine was created to be the winner of any race.

The BMW Vision Gran Turismohas an impressive technology and an unshakeable design. As we already said, the three-litre six-cylinder inline engine which is built-in, and the top power it delivers  which is estimated to be 404 kW/549 hp between 6,200 min-1 and 7,300 min-1, are not some ordinary facts and numbers. The M TwinPower Turbo technology is responsible for these excellent performance characteristics of the vehicle. The transmission of six-speeds spreads the power to the driven rear axle.

During the previous years, the gaming field became more attractive to the BMW Group. The car manufacturers present projects similar to the BMW Vision Gran Turismo to the gaming community, and the audience not only sees these concepts on pictures, but it can even take them for a virtual drive.

Major automobile manufacturers were invited to contribute to the game series during the celebration of the 15th anniversary of Gran Turismo®. Many ideas about virtual cars were shared among the designers, and they all agreed that the virtual cars should be integrated to the Gran Turismo® 6 game. This project is completely new and it is the first BMW virtual concept vehicle ever presented at GT6.

So, for those who don’t know, the Gran Turismo® is a video game released in 1998 for the first time. It has over 70 million games sold throughout more than 100 countries around the world.


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