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The new BMW M4 DTM Champion Edition

DTM champion Marco Wittmann’s superlative season has ended with more surprises in Hockenheim. At the season finale the BMW Motorsport Manager Jens Marquardt has declared that this 24-year-old German will be considered as part of the BMW family in the future as well. There were also other surprises for Wittmann during the evening when the race has finished: BMW M GmbH showed the BMW M4 DTM Champion Edition. BMW Motorsport gave Wittmann a chance to fulfill his dreams for completing a Formula One test for the Scuderia Toro Rosso team. Marquardt said that Marco Wittmann’s last season was really remarkable, and the pleasure he gave the BMW Motorsport’s fans is unforgettable, so, they want to make it up to him.

They were really satisfied by his work, he has impressed them with his skills. They decided to give Wittman the opportunity to try the Formula One test. However, none of this would have been possible, without Red Bull, BMW Motorsport’s partner, which did the arrangement for the test drive that took place in Toro Rosso.

The Chairman of the Management Board of  BMW M GmbH, Dr. Friedrich Nitschke, says that the new version of the BMW M4 Coupé is the new challenge in their production. They believed in  Marco Wittmann, and they crossed their fingers for his victory in the first race of  BMW M4 DTM, that made him a champion driver. Watching Wittmann’s driving skills, one can immediately recognize the performance of BMW cars, especially after the idea for launching of the BMW M4 DTM Champion Edition, which is created to have a limited run of 23 units, which is also the number of Wittmann’s car.

Wittmann was also moved, because he had the curiosity and the attention of the fans after the incredible season’s finale. When he first came to the opening race in Hockenheim, he didn’t believe that he would become a DTM champion. He is also overwhelmed by the fact that he has become a part of the BMW family and his contract for work as a BMW driver is renewed and hi is finally able to fulfill his dream by receiving a  Formula One test. His spectacular year ended with the new BMW M4 DTM Champion Edition in his colors, which made him proud.

The new BMW M4 DTM Champion Edition will be available only in Alpine White. Even though this model, made in the  BMW Individual Manufactory in Garching will be one of its kind, it will have many common features with the powerful  BMW M4 DTM.

Its bonnet, covered in matt-black and the boot lid with a design that catches the eye immediately make the CFRP roof more noticeable. Its front wheel arches have the M logo, the doors on which the number 23 is written, and the rear side windows have Wittmann’s initials on them. Fitted with light-alloy wheels which are 19inches wide, front flaps made from carbon, rear spoiler, the BMW M4 DTM Champion Edition confirms the rumors about its uniqueness once you cast a look of its interior parts. To add something more to this mix, the manufacturers decided to put Marco Wittmann’s autograph on the door sill plates.

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