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Ford Starliner the fastback version of the flagship Galaxie

To make a collector car stand out there are all kinds of things, but sometimes, there is all about the roofline. Same case as this is the Pick of the Day, with one of the most splendid hardtops ever devised is the 1961 Ford Starliner.

The full – size Ford is otherwise and handsome for sure and well – equipped car, with style and performance loaded. But it makes it special that sweeping roof with its huge panels of windshield and the rear glasses among with the sparkling chrome accent.

Alongside Chevy was coasting Ford with the style of the bubble – top when it was produced the Starliner, flagship Galaxie fastback version, for the model years of 1960 and 1961. They seem special indeed for today’s collectors with the emblematic of the slim and aerodynamic look of Jet Age design. The way was given to the Galaxie 500 by The Starliner in 1962.

Advertised by a Clarksville, The Ford, from a “beautiful restoration on solid car” has been described as benefiting, for its manual transmission has been powered by its original Thunderbird 390 V8 and a “3 – on – the – three” column shifter.

Interior has been restored back to the original condition. As chrome and stainless is nice all glass. On detailed undercarriage and beautiful trunk hasn’t been rust.

The overall styling of this classic Ford does set apart the hardtop roofline, for only reason to make it look sporty and evocative. By a distinct creases along the sides that flow into the rear pillar has been characterized the long roof, which manages to get a set of chrome flourishes.

An optional engine for the Starliner was the Ford 390cid V8, for the Thunderbird was newly introduced and delivering 375 horsepower with the top performance setup. The engine is fed by a 4 – barrel carburetor and has “460 cast – iron headers” has been noted by the dealer in the brief description.

As good as it looks this Ford runs, has said the dealer, with performance that is stopping and provided by power brakes and as smooth as the shifting described. The very cleanly restored chassis and suspension has been shown in the photos of the underside.

For 1961 produced were just under 30,000 Starliners, for only reason to make them rear compared with the nearly 350,00 Galaxies that have been produced that year.

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