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This mopar boosting no less than 2500 horsepower – Check it out

Traditionalists might object, but retromods are downright remarkable, if they are installed properly. That is most undeniably the case with the “Havoc”, a 1970 Dodge Challenger that has been bagged and is pushing a tremendous 2500-horsepower. Throughout the American muscle vehicles glory days there was nothing like it, apart from that attractive figure. If you think that this Mopar looks recognizable, you may remember it from the SEMA Show back in 2019. It was showcased in the Meguiar’s stand. At the display people could just gaze at it but we finally get to see the car in action.

AutotopiaLA’s channel on YouTube has got a lot of extremely cool vehicles featured on it, but the “Havoc” standout even amongst the greatest. Everything about this Mopar is praiseworthy, starting from the suave exterior to the attractively arranged interior. Checking under the hood is an unbelievably well-composed appearance on its own.

Apart from that is the performance end of things, which is definitely off the charts to be honest. The car rides on a Roadster Shop chassis and has got airbags, so none is going to bottom out unless they’re absolutely irresponsible. Under the hood is a 572ci all aluminum Hemi V8 with ProCharger F3R supercharger attached to it. The fact that it is boosting 2500-hp is just preposterously astonishing.

Development is an upright thing, especially when it pays its respect to the past. No one had the necessary resources to do a build like this back in the 70’s or even in the “near” 90’s. And while there is still some modern tech like LED lighting in the engine compartment or an iPad embedded in the dashboard, it doesn’t go fully overboard. Most importantly the manual transmission is still there to keep you feel nostalgic and related to the machine more intimately rather than playing with some paddles on the steering wheel.

The only justly worrying thing about the “Havoc” is that some celebrities like Kevin Hart or Simon Cowell could purchase it and then get in a terrible accident. We do not really need retromods muscle vehicles receiving a bad reputation over one highly-publicized incident of stupidity with lawmakers slobbering as they plot to which kind of regulations they’re going to smack on the industry.

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