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Vorsteiner confirmed its professionalism and skillfulness again

The 10 year anniversary of Vorsteiner will be remembered this year, because they have created a new vehicle, different from the others, belonging to the group of limited edition cars. The code’s name is GTRS4 and it will be shown for the first time at the SEMA Show of 2014. The basis of creating this code was the 2015 BMW M4 coupe, but the new vehicle contains a lot of lightweight carbon. The manufacturers spent hours and hours of testing the vehicle since they started to design it at the beginning of this year.

Design of a legend

The idea for this project was first put on a small piece of paper and the designers wanted the new model to have a lot in common with the iconic body editions like the GTRS3 based on the E92 M3, just to show the achievement, the acting and the design of Vorsteiner’s projects.Vorsteiner’s designers also wanted to make the design organic to the primary look of the car, even if it keeps its abilities for offering a nice drive and a functionality on the highest level. Creating a wide fender wasn’t enough, because they wanted to make the vehicle able to turn when it is under load, no matter the speed. It was also planned that the vehicle should continue the racing heritage of the M3, but it would have a lot in common with the Vorsteiner concepts.

The Beginning of an icon: After a sketch was made and the design was ready, they have made a 3D picture of the model with a Blue Light Laser Technology. For this purpose, they used 3D renderings to make a digital surface of the body panels.
The most important of the whole creation of the model were the rear quarter panels, which are crucial in the creation of ideal lines. That is why the skillful manufacturers used the old method of  clay modeling in order to make perfect proportions, an important part of improving the vehicle’s shape.

Form Follows Function: The sketch and the 3D picture were not enough, that’s why the engineers and the designers worked together to confirm that the new wide fenders as well as the wheels are working properly. They also put air ducts to ensure that the front brakes get the cooling they needed and the inbound air could exit without causing smaller troubles.
The rear quarter panels are wider for 7inches than their first form, and the front fenders are 4 inches wide. The tires are 275 and 345 wide, and that is why the designers put 3-Piece Forged wheels in 20×10.5J and 20×13.5J each one in the proper size and shape as the tires.The tires that are used in the creation of this vehicle, have the Pirelli’s signature. They are chosen to ensure performance at a highest level.Furthermore, the new GTRS4 has a KW Suspension’s sleeve kit which provides flexible height, and this feature also contributes to the level of achievement and the ability to use many functions of the car.

The Special Edition GTRS4 Package has:

· Vorsteiner Embroidered Colored Floor & Trunk Mat Set
· Carbon Fiber Wide Front Fenders with Ventilation (that are 2 inches wider on each side)
· Carbon Fiber Front Bumper with a Front Splitter Element built in
· Carbon Fiber Wide Rear Fenders ( that are 3.5 inches wider on each side)
· Carbon Fiber Rear Bumper with a Rear Diffuser Element built in
· Vorsteiner 90mm Quad Exhaust Tip Finishers ( available in two options: Brushed | Diamond Black)                
· Vorsteiner Chrome Trunk Badging
· Carbon Fiber Aero Side Blade Elements
· GTRS4 Forged 3-Piece Wheels, 20×10.5J | 20×13.5J in Gloss Brushed Shadow


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