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Why the new Audi prologue is a bit shorter than the A8’

The center of CES’s visitors is definitely the Audi prologue piloted driving show car. Audi will show the innovations that have been used while constructing Audi cars at this year’s CES. One of the most important innovation is the piloted driving.

The new Audi prologue is a bit shorter than the A8’s. Because of that, the big radiator grille is placed lower than on the other models. New designed headlights, high-resolution matrix laser technology, these features make this Audi even more attractive. The front and rear wheels with flared wheel arches also contribute to this image, they are 22 inches wide and equipped with 285/30 sized tires. The LED taillights, a recognizable feature of the Audi models are made of 3D glass, and they are designed to attract even more attention. This is actually a car that seems like a combination of the usefulness of a sedan with the luxury of a coupé.

While entering this car, an “electronic butler” salutes the passengers. This is possible with the help of the intelligent software that is used while designing the vehicle. It also recommends music according to the passenger’s taste. The interior also offers a very unsparing space, with its bright ambiance and its spaciousness.

Its cockpit is described as a futuristic one, with an innovative architecture. The three touch displays on the instrument panes are put to control the lighting and assistance functions. Its interior is fitted with high-resolution displays and some information useful for the driver, so that he could understand easier the function of the elements, as well as information about the speed of the engine and its temperature. The passenger that will sit in the front have a widescreen display in front of him which is a part of the instrument panel, and its use is to provide digital interaction with the driver, and it can be controlled by gestures.

So, we have said enough about the Audi prologue’s interior, but, we can assure you, the technology used while making it is even more impressive. Its hybrid powertrain has a power of 677 HP and torsion of 700.7lb.ft, which means it can provide a stunning performance. It sprints from 0 to 100 km/h in 3.5 seconds. While speaking of the torque, additional 36.9 lb-ft can be reached in over boost mode. It has an automatic transmission too, which make the whole technology of the Audi prologue efficient, suitable, and sporty.

The headlights of the prologue are fitted with a high-resolution laser technology that is a new design technology. The laser pupils of the headlights give an enormous amount of light, it practically lights up the whole roadway. The driver when he wants to unlock the car, is saluted by the car itself, it switches on the daytime running lights immediately. The taillights were also made of 3D glass and the brake light is placed in the lighting unit of the taillights.


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