This Is His Dream Car –1969 Chevrolet Camaro SC454

All vehicle enthusiasts imagine how their dream car would look like. Alas, only a few of live to see the day and make their dream come true. Dale Stuban is one of those dreamers.

This Chevrolet Camaro SC454 is a combination of stylishness  and raw power typical for the American muscle cars produced around the late ’60s, but built on a up-to-date platform with integrated present day tech. The car is officially a 1969 Chevrolet Camaro SC454, however  looking at it from a distance, it looks much like a 1969 Dodge Charger. Even after taking a second glance at this masterpiece, you start to notice the distinguishing lines of the Camaro. The car’s designer, Eric Brockmeyer, succeeded in transferring Dale’s ideas on paper and from his illustrations, the Greening Auto Company succeeded in effectively creating this vehicle with a unique look which does not leave you looking apathetic. The chasis is made of fiberglass coupled with under the hood powerful ZZ454 big block crate engine with Tri-Power carburetor that delivers 440hp. This allows the car to effortlessly “burn up” the tires while on the road. All of this power is flawlessly transferred on the road through the Tremec 5-speed manual transmission.

The vigour of this Camaro is delivered by Art Morrison tube chassis, the front suspension is contributed from the Corvette C5, and the back one is 9″ Ford. The vehicle lies on 19″ inch front and 20″ inch rear wheels, along with the massive Wilwood brakes in charge of the braking.It is unreal to think that the process of production was undemanding and swift. One does not create a vehicle like this without the creativity of an artist and the talents of some of the best craftsmen as well as vehicle designers.Everyone who is part of the business will tell you that it is exceedingly difficult to envision an idea in a vehicle that has a form and a line like no one has ever seen before. It is also correspondingly difficult to create a real vehicle from what you have only seen is a illustration on paper.

True, the process of production was not easy going, quick, nor inexpensive. In order to complete this undertaking, starting from the initial drafts, right up until the moment when this handcrafted Camaro was entirely completed, close to 5 years, 12,000 hours and around $ 150,000 were required (according to the ownerof the vehicle).
A lot of labour and a whole lot of cash is indeed needed in order to turn one’s dream into existence.
But you do only live once, correct?


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