The Beast – 745 HP Hellcat

Any demons foolish enough to pull up next to this Hellcat-swapped Chevy C-10 Cat-Killer will be knocked down.

It’s no secret that Dodge is enthusiastic about power, and their Hellcat line of performance vehicles is among the greatest in the business. But what if you took that big muscular engine and placed it in something 800 pounds lighter? You don’t need to remove your floor mats or liners; all you need is the correct arrangement.

This Hemi-swapped Chevy C-10 answers that question, with a whooping 745 horsepower and only 3000-ish pounds with floor mats and liners, this car is an absolute Demon (pun intended) on the track. For decades, the Chevy C10 has been an American classic, evoking strong feelings of nostalgia and memories of your buddy Dale jumping a canyon in one of these bad boys while downing a case of Natty Light.

However, not all trucks are created equal, as this truck exemplifies. As you stare into the grille that seems like a demented madman staring back at you with aggressive and malevolent intent, you’ll get chills down your spine.

In all seriousness though, this is one of the coolest Hemi-swaps I’ve ever seen. I know what you’re thinking, and sure, this beast can handle the power. So your floor mats and liners don’t slide about, all suspension and brake components have been modified to meet the 745-hp power truck. It has six piston front brakes and four piston rear brakes, and that’s not even the greatest part.

 The vehicle is equipped with air suspension! So not only do you get a 745 horsepower American Icon Chevy C10 pick-up truck that can stop on a dime, but you also have the aggressive style that comes with a sick low-riding super truck. This is one of the cleanest and most ambitious Hemi swaps we’ve ever seen, and we hope to see many more like it in the years ahead.


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