The World’s Fastest Ford Mustang

Some claim this is the world’s fastest Demon-powered vehicle. Most of the internals in this Demon V8 are aftermarket, but it’s a genuine build with no aftermarket parts.

It’s a Ford Mustang, not a Dodge Challenger, but some claim that Matthew Kesatie’s creation is the world’s fastest Demon-powered vehicle. That alone will no doubt cause a great deal of angst among the Mopar faithful, as well as many fans of the Blue Oval. However, we believe Kesatie is more focused on winning races than keeping things within the family, so it’s likely that he is unconcerned about the animosity. If that isn’t enough to enrage you, perhaps learning that Kesatie decided against using a blower in favor of a twin-turbo setup for the Demon engine will cause you to erupt in uncontrollable rage.

After all, the argument over the best forced-induction strategy divides enthusiasts about as much as the argument over the best brand. Kesatie has upgraded the majority of the internals in this Demon V8 to handle the significant boost being exerted by those two rather large snails. While the pistons, rods, cylinder heads, cam, intake, etc. are all aftermarket, the crank and block are genuine Mopar components. To put it another way, this is a genuine build rather than a few bolt-ons for a small power increase. This Mustang sports the Demon fender badges, just to make sure everyone gets the picture. We wonder how many people initially take that as a joke before realizing what is going on. Kesatie claims that switching to a Demon motor was a wise decision.

The ProCharged Coyote V8 he previously had in his Mustang has been replaced by the Demon, which he claims is “ten times more reliable than the Coyote ever was.” In the video interview we’ve included, he does go on to say that while some Coyotes are wonderful, he had serious issues with his that he blamed on the ProCharger setup. Check out the video, find out more about this Demon Mustang, and share this with all of your ardent Ford or Mopar friends to see how they respond. This is a build you have to see for yourself.


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