A Hot Rod Speed Demon

This 1951 Henry J features a 392ci Hemi V8 and House of Kolors Brandywine Kandy paint. The vehicle has anti-theft mechanisms, but he only displayed the fast release steering wheel.

Avoid meddling with this Mopar.

A 1951 Henry J is perhaps the last vehicle that comes to mind when picturing a badass hot rod. After all, Kaiser-Frazer Corporation’s small cars weren’t designed to be speed demons; they were built to be incredibly inexpensive. However, this Henry J is the ideal chassis for stuffing a powerful Hemi V8 under the hood and putting some serious rubber on fire, much like how hot rodders employed the 1932 Ford for its lightweight, highly adjustable nature.

We’re just in awe of this build, which is owned by a man by the name of Goose and displayed on AutotopiaLA. With the large blower protruding from the hood, it resembles a cartoon or a set of Hot Wheels, especially with the House of Kolors Brandywine Kandy paint. Anyone who has ever been close to an automobile of any kind will know this is one mean beast once the 392ci Hemi V8 starts up, though. In front of the rear wheels, a 3-inch exhaust pipe with side outlets adds to the symphony.

It would be reasonable to assume that this vehicle would be mounted on a new, more stiffer, more contemporary chassis, but it still uses the original. The roll cage is welded into the frame to further stiffen things up, and gussets have been placed to boost torsional rigidity. Additionally, you’ll see the wheelie bar in the back.

Goose claims that when he whacks it, instead of this little Henry J wobbling this way and that, the thing sits down and goes without a ruckus.

In contrast to many vintage hot rods, this Henry J offers a lovely, opulent interior with plush leather seats and more comforts than you might anticipate. Goose revealed that the vehicle has a number of anti-theft mechanisms, but he only displayed the fast release steering wheel. Sadly, you have to safeguard an automobile in surprising ways when it’s this hot. Because of the flawless overall presentation of this automobile, the entire roll cage has also been painted to match the body.

To fully appreciate this fantastic journey, watch the clip with the volume turned up all the way.


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