Strong Characters and Powerful Engines

We do indeed enjoy strange racing pairings, which is why the This Vs. Hoonigan’s series is a lot of fun. They pitted a twin-turbo Chevy Silverado vs a Nissan GT-R R35 this time. Nobody could have predicted that. While this may appear to be an unfair matchup, the Nissan has been substantially modified, so it may have a shot.

Many individuals would instinctively prefer the 2010 Nissan GT-R due to its intimidating appearance. As previously said, this vehicle has been substantially modified and now produces a whopping 2,000 horsepower. A GR6 six-speed transmission sends the power to the wheels. The R35 has a carbon-fiber skin on it to help it tip the scales at 3,750 pounds, which isn’t terrible considering all the modifications.

Still, the R35 will have its hands filled with the Chevy Silverado 1500 from 2004. Because there is no hood, you can see the enormous twin turbos and intake, as well as a gorgeous 427ci LSX V8 with all of the other bells and whistles.

That arrangement is rated at 1,500 horsepower, although we suspect it’s a touch more. A drag race-friendly three-speed transmission backs it up. This truck, though, is a tad heavier, weighing in at 4,000 pounds. It’s usually GT-Rs that suffer from this flaw.

When drag racing, all-wheel driving can be a tremendous advantage. Both vehicles have it in this race, however their systems differ. Furthermore, because all-wheel drive isn’t infallible, a driver must still know how to maximize launches in their vehicle.

So, which do you think will come out on top? Given that both are substantially customized, this is an unusual faceoff, but please let us know prior watching the footage.


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