The Ultimate Muscle Car Can be Driven in a Sporty Way and Has the Right Muscle Car Cult Line

How many do you want to take home with you?

Everyone enjoys hearing about a vintage muscle car discovered in a shed, farm, or garage. Even more intriguing is hearing about a man with a large piece of real estate and a collection of Mopar muscle vehicles. For some, it’s like the possibility of discovering hidden wealth. Others are outraged that anyone would allow such a valuable vehicle to deteriorate. But don’t pass judgment too quickly; this guy is nothing like that.

The tour of this property starts off nicely since you get to see the owner’s first vehicle, a 1971 Plymouth Duster in outstanding shape with its original 340ci V8 and four barrel carburetor. It stands out thanks to the Hemi Orange color, white stripes, and white cabin. It’s definitely the guy’s pride and pleasure, and it’s sitting in the garage. He’s made various modifications, and it supposedly used to run in the 12s in the quarter mile. In the 1990s, it was also profiled in Mopar Action Magazine. So, this guy doesn’t just ignore his automobiles.

This individual has a number of other automobiles in varying degrees of restoration or customization. He’s clearly a major Mopar fan, as seen not just by his cars but also from the décor in his outdoor man cave. Even though some assembly is required, several of the vehicles in this footage could be rather valuable. A 1971 Dodge Charger R/T 440 with the factory gearbox is one example.

You should be aware that the owners of these vehicles do not keep them indefinitely. He realizes he won’t be able to maintain them all and auctions them as needed. He even says he doesn’t care for some of them, but wishes someone would purchase them as-is and restore them. You can see his workshop at the end of the film, where he has a good collection of engines, gearboxes, and other parts.


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