The 50 Year experience Unveiling Insights, Triumphs, and Transformative Moments”

This autumn, the new Mustang 50 Year Limited Edition will be put on sale, fifty years after the  creation of the most popular cars in the world.Bill Ford, the executive chairman of Ford Motor company announced that they have never imagined that Mustang would have so many fans all over the world, even today, fifty years after it was shown to the public for the  first time in 1964, during the annual World’s Fair.

The new Mustang 50 Year Limited Edition was designed primarily to enchant customers with its unique performance and admiring look that one could easily recognize on the road. The new model would have two options:  the choice of 2 exceptional colours and an  automatic or manual sis-speed transmission.

A concept of 50 years

Moray Callum, the Ford vice president of design said that the new model differs from the other Mustangs because of its new design and shape. The 50 Year Limited Edition is made in two colours, the first of which is Wimbledon White, same as the Mustang serial 0001 and the second is Kona Blue, which makes the supercar more refreshing  and striking.

The idea for the bezels made of chrome and which surround the three blades is taken from the design from 1962, initially presented from Gale Halderman. The three lamps of the older model were combined, and the new model has a single cluster of single three-bar lamps. The exceptional quarter-windows with louver is another detail that contributes to the uniqueness of the new model, because the new windows have sheets of glass with layers, and this method was developed only for this kind of car.

Special cockpit sensation

Once a man is placed behind the steering wheel, he will know he is going to drive unique car. The trim panel that is spread to the instrument panel with two brows is made from aluminum, and that makes it different from the other 2015 Mustangs. It also has an exclusive serialized badge reserved for the 50 Year Limited Edition cars and is placed on the passenger side. The steering wheel is wrapped with leather and stitched with cashmere. This technique is also used for making the shifter boot, the seats, the core armrest, as well as on the instrument panel, whilst the seats are covered with black leather and cashmere, and they have the Mustang 50 Year trademark. Other Mustangs don’t have the suede and cashmere carpet floors.

A work of art made for driving

Dave Pericak a chief engineer of Mustang thinks that this car’s place shouldn’t be in a museum, like a lot of collectors do, but it has to be shown to the people, for it impresses with its speed and looks. A real Mustang fan should immediately hit the road so that he could feel the driving sensation in a world-class sports car.

Every 50 Year Limited Edition has 5.0-liter V8 engine with more than 420 horsepower and a torsion of 390 lb.-ft. and has six-clip Brembo brakes and alloy wheels with high performance. The 50 Year Limited Edition is equipped with a six-speed automatic  transmission and a performance pack, and it’s almost the first 2015 Mustangs made after the beginning of the production for this year. Its owners will get a special driving guide with the logo of the 50 Year on the exterior side. Ford says the company thinks they have reached the goals with this creation of a Mustang in a 21st century car.


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