Majestic As Hell-The Anniversary Editions Of Shelby Cobra

The celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the company for producing “hyper cars” Shelby American will be marked with the exposing of the Shelby’s 50 limited edition versions. The Cobras will be all fitted with unique touches and black leather interior, and the Guardsman Blue paint will be their outside decoration. January 13, 2015 was the date when the visitors of the 50th Anniversary celebration that took place at the Barrett-Jackson Auction in Scottsdale, had the honour to see the 427 Shelby Cobra for the first time. This model changed the whole world’s opinions about the Shelby’s manufacturers, who have become popular since 1965. Most of the Shelby’s were small but quite successful, while the new Cobra is far more different, because it is more powerful and advanced, and it shows the spirit of the American car industry.

The reason Shelby American created the big block Cobras was simple: they wanted to build sports car better than any European or American car. And of course, the improvements they made, such as the upgraded brakes, the wider track, bigger cockpit and a big block Ford engine, this Cobra got the best award of the SCCA’s coveted “A Production” championship.

Carroll Shelby’s idea of a performance car is realized with the creation of the 427 Cobra, which is a combination between the huge horsepower and the advanced engineering, and which is characterized by a new coil over suspension, responsible for the vigorous American big block engine. In other words…this car is majestic as hell!

The 50th anniversary edition Cobras can only be purchased by the authorized Shelby American dealers. Each car has less drive train, a rolling chassis and a 1965 MSO and it has preserved its best features, such as the original style suspension of the beautiful body lines, but they are improves do that the Cobras would get a new, contemporary look. The leather used in the high end cars is also used while manufacturing these cars, as well as the stronger frame and the aluminum or fiberglass bodies.

The serial numbers CSX4500 to CSX4599 of the Anniversary edition models are a bit different one from another. Their inside and outside parts are decorated with some unique emblems, the seats, the dash and the carpets are made of the finest materials, and the exceptional optional engine package was made by the Shelby Engine Company. Some other parts, such ad the racing brakes or the custom gauges don’t differ a lot.

Real Shelby Cobras are exceptional and attractive, that’s why the Shelby’s chairmen decided to make some upgrades that were approved by Carroll Shelby himself. Each of these desirable machines will be registered in the ‘World Registry’, together with the unique 343 made in the 1960s by Shelby American.


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