The 1966 Ford Mustang,An Absolute Highlight For Mustang Fans

While well-kept original automobiles are fascinating to view because they depict how things were in the past, it’s also fascinating to see how people add their own personal touches to a treasured classic. That’s what this 1966 Ford Mustang Fastback is all about. It’s not like these things are in short supply, so don’t worry if you enjoy seeing preserved automobiles; there are many more out there. Rather, this is a Pro-Touring build that we can get behind for a variety of reasons.

We all love a good ol’ modified Mustang, and this one is no exception. Andrew, the car’s owner, is a hot rod enthusiast, and Art is a skilled and innovative craftsman. Andrew began his search for a hot rod builder after deciding on a Mustang or Camaro. However, many of the regular people he went to turned him down. This is where Art comes in, who seemed eager to complete the build and give Andrew exactly what he desired.

“The Mongrel” is how this Mustang goes for around. That’s understandable given that it’s performing on an LS switch. It has a total output of 600 horsepower at the crank and 505 horsepower at the wheels. Yes, we realize some people would shout blasphemy for using an LS engine instead of a Ford. If such a combination offends you, this isn’t the dish for you. More importantly, the owner appears to love this jumbled-together contraption, claiming that the LS’s dimensions help with weight distribution. In the end, his perception of his car is far more important than everyone else’s.

With this project, the owner claims he was going for a hotrod like vibe. Given how many ’32 Fords are powered by a small-block 350, the combination is actually quite fitting. In the video, Shawn from AutotopiaLA calls this out, and we’re grateful he did.

This Mustang also includes a Ringbrothers front end, as well as a Detroit Speed front cradle, back, and four-link rear suspension from Detroit Speed. That’s a solid setup, but the notion that this pony weighs in at little under 3,000 pounds is even better. The power-to-weight ratio is decent, allowing for acceleration that much exceeds what this car could do out of the box.

Check out the video below to see it in action if you haven’t thrown in the towel on this build yet.


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