A dream come true -The Rocket

The “Ultimate American Muscle Car” was unwrapped for the first time on 2014 Los Angeles Auto Show. After a short press conference, the new low-volume product with a carbon-fiber body named “The Rocket“ had its debut. This car’s design is similar to the design of the 1960’s and  1970’s pony cars, as well as the Shelby GT500 from 1968. Attached with a carbon fiber grill, the Rocket’s lines proceed from the front, then, they go through the hood, passing by the flared fenders and the rear spoiler, which define its power. Boeckmann,  whose favourite car has always been the Mustang, had the pleasure to work with Ford’s crew for the last years.

Their aim was to make something very special, and he admits that the Rocker is the most beautiful Mustang so far. They tended to make the performance as good as the design, and so far, they succeeded to fulfill their dream of designing the best Mustang most of the customers have ever seen. GFMI Metalcrafters Inc constructed the carbon-fiber bodywork which is handmade, has scoops and vents which provide airflow to the places where it is needed.

The hot air is drawn out with the help of the front splitter, which also improve the cooling of the engine, and together with the rear diffuser, the rear spoiler, and the carbon-fiber aero skirts improve the downforce.
In the Rocket’s hood, there are two air intakes which transmit the cool air from the outside to the engine compartment, and this helps the front splitter and the grill to keep the 725-hp V8 engine running at its peak.
It would be a great honour for the clients to possess a car like Ford Mustang, because it really is a project born out of passion, like all the 60’s American muscle cars. They are way more sculptured and have a lot more bold details than their European counterparts. The Rocket is another similar project that gives butterflies at a first sight. Its custom mixed silver from the outside and its 21-inch ADV.1 wheels with Pirelli P-Zero performance tires give the drivers the opportunity to tune their car in their own ways. Its new design and its upgrades will put the Rocket in the higher league, together with supercars that are much more expensive.

It was Henrik Fisker’s idea to create a car like the Rocket. He showed its sketches to Boeckmann in August 2014, after the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance. After this, a joint venture was born and the construction of the car has started. The LA Auto Show stand was the first place where the example of a low-volume series  was shown for the first time. The production of the Rocket  will start in December this year, and the first deliveries will be in the first part of 2015. The buyers who are interested can get the car directly from Galpin Ford or from the small number of dealers around the world.


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