Tesla owner forced to pay $14,000 repair bill one day after buying a “Model Y”

Imagine the thrill of picking up your dream car, the Tesla Model Y, ready to embark on new adventures. For Shreyansh Jain from Cambridge, England, it was a moment of pure elation, having invested a significant portion of his family’s savings to purchase the 2023 Tesla Model Y outright.

However, the joyride turned into a heart-pounding experience when, just after 115 miles on the road with his loved ones, disaster struck. Steering control vanished abruptly during a gentle neighborhood turn, leading to a terrifying suspension collapse and screeching contact with the road. Jain’s family was left shaken, contemplating what could have been a catastrophic situation if it had occurred at higher speeds.

The subsequent 40-hour repair ordeal was no joyride either. Rebuilding the suspension, replacing the steering column, and several other fixes amounted to a staggering $14,000 bill. To add salt to the wound, Tesla denied responsibility, attributing the mishap to ‘prior’ suspension damage.

This thrilling yet harrowing tale serves as a stark reminder of the rollercoaster journey of car ownership, where the ecstasy of a dream car can swiftly transform into a wallet-draining nightmare.”


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