Shelby As a Synonym for Rubber Memory Strips on the Asphalt

Since its inception, the Ford Mustang has proven to be more than capable of keeping up with the pony car rivalry. Models like the GT350 and GT500 wowed enthusiasts around the country with their desire for speed and low drag strip quarter-mile times. Since they were built by Carroll Shelby, one of racing’s most respected racers and builders, we assume this was to be expected.

He is best known for creating some of the world’s fastest track monsters, such as the A/C Cobra, which used Ford engines to accomplish what everyone thought was impossible: he made the Mustang swift. Anyone who is interested in automotive history knows how difficult it is to locate a genuine Shelby on the classic car market, but you might be in favor with this vehicle.

This 1967 Ford Mustang is a stunning tribute to the original GT500s that we all know and love, with plenty of touches to pay homage to them. The exterior is finished in a smooth British Racing Green that makes the car look sleek and ready for any high-performance circumstance.

The car has aluminum wheels on all four corners that you might have only seen in a very expensive dealership back in the day. That means this car was the cream of the crop at the time, and the most bizarre aspect of the whole thing lies right under the hood, as you’d imagine.

A gigantic 428 ci Cobra-Jet V8 engine powers this fantastic Shelby pony car, which has been tuned to produce roughly 480 horsepower at the crankshaft. This means you’ll have around 456 horsepower available anytime you drive this vehicle. A modern dual four-barrel carburetor system, for example, makes excellent utilization of the air around it and helps to produce a lopey idle and a lot of power. This outrageous car is pure savagery, yet it could all be yours with a single click of a mouse; all you have to do now is buy it.


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