Simple, Yet With a Lot Of Power And a Lot of Fun to Drive.

Whether you’re into JDM or old school muscle, every vehicle aficionado can appreciate a well-done restomod. We all want to design something of our own one day. This sense of fellowship that we enjoy as vehicle lovers is frequently contrasted with the police’s oppressive authoritarianism. Cops are feared in our car culture because they represent everything that seeks to take our beloved machines away from us. However, we frequently overlook the fact that police officers are just as enamored with high-horsepower beasts as we are. This defiance of popular belief is best demonstrated by this massive 700+ horsepower Dodge Coronet restomod, which is so amazing that even cops feel it’s worth allowing a ticket to be dismissed.

 Occasionally, rather than being admonished for speeding or any of California’s other stupid restrictions designed to put automobile people down, I was pulled over. “Has that thing got a Hemi?” the owner was questioned, to which he responded correctly with “You want to see it?” A Mopar Performance 472ci Hemi V8 produces 700 horsepower and is mated to a 727 reverse manual valve body transmission. The tires scream like a bat out of hell, leaving nothing but smoke and fumes in its wake. 11-inch drum brakes are used all around for braking, and the interior is as near to factory as feasible.

The car is believed to be capable of running in the low 11-second range when properly prepared, which is an extraordinarily quick time, especially for a street-legal vehicle. This beast of a hot rod brings a thrill to everyone’s face. Nothing compares to the lovely roar of a big-block Hemi V8, squeezing as much power as possible and making something spectacular with every inch of displacement. The availability of a back seat and a pleasant cabin is one of the nicest features of this racing classic. What an amazing piece of Mopar mania, fueled by a massive performance-oriented Hemi.


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