The Recipe Is Well Known Two-Door Bodies, Powerful V8 Engines And Basic Sporting Ambitions Fueled The Hype Surrounding “muscle cars”

The Chevy Chevelle is quickly becoming one of the most collectible muscle vehicles. What if you don’t have the ideal model year and engine? You start modifying it and very likely you will never stop. This is the story of a Chevelle like this. It’s a 1966 Malibu model of the classic coupe, which, thanks to the V-shaped grille and enlarged hood, is a much more prettier to look at than a 1965 model.

However, it is not permitted to wear SS badges, and you can probably guess why.This red beauty would have an average 283 (4.6-liter) engine that delivered around 220 horsepower as new.It’s not quite as awful as an entry-level inline-6, but it’s certainly no 396 (6.5L). However, it’s clear that this isn’t a factory-fresh Chevy.

The owner has had it since the 1980s and has gone through seven engines, but according to our sources, the metal chimney stack carved into the hood has been there for 25 years. Has a universal supercharger been designed to make this possible? Actually, the automobile isn’t blown at all; that’s simply a nice scoop.

It’s still just a small 350 block with a stroker, however you still would want this Chevelle since it has a great sound with nitrous. The chassis is fairly stock as well. Perhaps we’ve grown accustomed to treating every ancient muscle car as if it were from the Stone Age. However, the owner did add a 4-link rear suspension system.

The wheels are the main appeal of this build, aside from the hood action. Every vintage hot rodder will be overcome with nostalgia when they see those Centerline Auto Drag alloys. They, like the brake improvement system, have been on the automobile for a while.

We’ve got some bad news for you guys before you view the video. Because this was shot immediately after Quarantine Cruise, all of the Nitrous was used up. The tiny block, though, still has plenty of tire-melting punch. The 1966 Chevelle clearly  demonstrates that not everything requires an LS upgrade or a 700+ horsepower supercharged system.


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