Daring Dominance The Ultimate Shelby GT350

The new Shelby® GT350 Mustang is finally revealed! The original model of Shelby GT350  was revealed in 1965 but the new Shelby GT350 Mustang, having the strongest naturally aspirated engine that Ford has ever produced, is a car ready for any kind of performance, is created to challenge the planet’s most tempting roads.

It was  Carroll Shelby’s  idea to create GT350, and this transformed the great every-day car into a road racer – by using the improved sixth-generation Mustang to offer an unbelievable drive. The speed vultures behind the steering wheels of a Shelby GT350 can expect balance, power, as well as a safe drive.

Ford engineers used their innovative spirit with the GT350. They didn’t pay attention to details this time, they just expanded their field of work to some more important things, such as picking the right materials and the newest technology. As Ford group vice president Raj Nair says, they their dream to challenge the roads with new changes and variety of functions.

Track-tuned driveline
The company has decided to put a naturally aspirated V8 engine in this GT350, because they wanted the product to be distinct from the other Mustang models. The new 5.2-liter engine with a flat-plane crankshaft is  a feature characteristic for racing cars or the European sports cars. The layout of the flat-plane crankshafts is 180 degrees makes the overlay of the exhaust pressure pulses smaller, which makes this vehicle the strongest naturally aspirated engine produced by Ford, with 500+ horsepower and a torsion of 400 lb.-ft. All these features give the driver the opportunity to sit in a powerful, but safe machine, with a six-speed manual transmission.

Balanced dynamics
The platform of the new Mustang is the strongest platform that has ever been made by Ford, with a 28 percent bigger torsional stiffness from the previous model. That stiffness of the torsion makes the car more consistent, even when driving on tracks or back roads. The front track was also improved and spring rates and bushings were modified a bit. The wheels respond quickly to any edge of the road and this is possible because of the reduced unsprung mass.

Moreover, this car develops a speed one can imagine, that’s why it needs to have brake system with an absolute stopping power. And it has it, the best braking system Ford has ever offered, with 394-millimeter rotors with fixed calipers of six-piston at the front and 380-millimeter rotors at the rear with calipers of four-pistons.

Its 19-inch alloy-wheels are made of aluminum, and they are 10.5 inches wide in the front, and a bit wider in the rear, that is, 11.0 inches. This car was designed to make its drivers feel more confident, while handling with it.

Attention to details
Chris Svensson, Ford design director says that  they have changed the parts of the GT350 to offer a more functional-driven design, and their main goal was to improve the overall achievement of this car. The hood, also made of aluminum, is now lower and slope and its outlet extracts the heat and reduces underhood lift during high speed. The diffuser increases downforce and brings cooling air to the other cooler.The athletic look of the new Mustang is also highlighted with front fenders made up of aluminum with the main purpose to hold the wider front track and wider wheel arches.

The cockpit has also changed
We have already told you about how stunning the exterior part is, but the interior has also been changed, starting with the specially designed Recaro sport seats covered in a special cloth. The workers have spent many hours and prototypes to create a seat that is functional and comfortable. The steering wheel with a flat-bottom as well as the advanced technology make the entering and exiting of the vehicle easier, and the driver control system offers a variety of opportunities to test the maximum performance of the car, which drivers can test. For example, those who are impressed by the convenience and the comfort can choose the Tech Pack with seats covered in leather, 8-inch MyFord Touch® LCD touch screen and a Shaker Audio. So, the Shelby GT350 Mustang really is a challenge to all the serious drivers!

50 years of Ford Mustang

Shelby GT350 Mustang is the newest model from the line of Ford Mustang fastback and convertible models, together with the 50th Anniversary Edition Mustang, the specially designed Mustang for its 50th anniversary, as its name suggests. Since the debut of the Mustang in 1964, more than 9 million Mustangs have been sold, and this is partly because of its ability to fit any style of life. Also, it has a 2.3 liter EcoBoost engine and its performance is amazing, it has an output of 310 horsepower and a torsion of 320 lb.-ft.

People like it. It is popular for sure, which is confirmed on Facebook, too, being the most-liked vehicle with 8 million likes, which make the producers continue to design better models, each different from its previous “ancestor”.


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