Flight-Inspired Power The Plane-Inspired Mustang

The Ford Mustang  has the same name as a WW2 era-fighter, and this year, the same as the previous seven years , the Ford Company is showing one of their best models.The Experimental Aircraft Association’s AirVenture festival will be the place where the brand new  Mustang will be shown. This car, in some way, showed the output of the collaboration of Ford with companies for performance and tuning. This event happens every year, and it is calledEAA AirVenture. It takes place in Oshkosh., Wisc., and it draws 500,000 visitors every year, and Ford donates a car and its manufacturers modify it just to make it similar to a particular plane, and it is offered on auction for charity afterwards.

The Mustang shown this year was created in order to praise the new fighter, the one which will enter in the  U.S. Air Force as well as in some other countries’ air forces, Mustang Daily claims. We are talking about the fighter jet known as F-35 Lightninga multi-role ground attack fighter with short and vertical take-off and landing (VSTOL) capability.

This jet was created to serve a few branches of the armed forces, and it has the newest technology called thrust vectoring technology, and its exterior is also stunning. It has 435-hp V8 built in. The matte titanium paint work on the exterior part, mixed with shiny paints on some spots of the exterior part make Ford’s 2015 Mustang really good looking. Its front bumper is altered and it is also upgraded with a carbon-fiber front splitter.  Its trunklid, the rear fenders and its spoiler are designed with some paintwork which is similar to the paintwork of the tail of the F-35 Lighting, while the yellow-painted rear fenders have the F-35 title on them.

During the previous years, the custom-built Mustangs of Ford have paid tribute to aircraft including F-22 Raptor and the SR-71 Blackbird, with Carroll Shelby’s skill combined with Jack Roush’s ideas working on the latter.


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