Keep calm and drive a Mustang!

Last month, a trio of 2015 Ford Roush RS Mustangs was presented for the first time by Roush. However, they forgot about one quite important thing: the need for more power. Well, we have realized afterwards that it is not in the style of Roush to offer products that look good from the outside, but lacks action and energy, at least, not for long.

The amazing truth was, the firm was hiding something bigger and more powerful: a supercharger kit that is able to convert the Mustang GT’s Coyote V-8 from a torsion of 430 horses to stunning 600 ponies. Moreover, we are happy to inform you that your workaday Mustang GT can be upgraded with a supercharger kit, and that means the Roush-fettled models are not the only available thing you can add to your Mustang GT.

Ford/Roush supercharger remains a mystery for many people because the company itself hasn’t told anything specific about it, nor about the amount of torque the vehicle would be able to produce after the upgrade, but once a plumbing or software celebration is announced, the kit will come with it.

The authorized dealers through which the kit will be delivered, will issue a warranty after they install it. Other distributors of the kit in the following weeks will be Ford Racing and Roush Performance channels. The price is also not ascertained, but, when we speak of adding ponies to pony cars, we should think that there are other, worse ways to spend more money.

Being aware of the fact that the new Mustang GT weighs 180 kg less than the well-known Dodge Challenger, this capacity is everything Ford’s pony car needs to go seeking for 707-hp Hellcats.


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