A powerful, race-inspired machine…the new ’66 Chevelle Recoil

A new machine appeared on the market. We are talking about a ‘66 Chevelle with 980 horsepower, made of aircraft-grade alloys, painted as if it is suitable for a war. Its name is “Recoil” and it was first shown at the Royal Purple booth at this year’s SEMA Show in Las Vegas. It was an event on which were gathered the most powerful, outstanding and uncommon vehicles in the world. This car has the best of the best features- a modern car with the look of a war machine, equipped with speed test data.

This is one of the few car that feature Whipple-supercharged Wegner Motorsports LS7 engine that is capable of producing 980 horsepower. The fuel covers of the engine were designed so that they would fit the Recoil’s design, and it also features a 91 Octane fuel which, on the other hand, nourishes the vehicle properly because of the presence of a Holley Fuel Injection System. The sound of the engine is regulated by the flowmaster mufflers, which are part of its exhaust system, and its engine gives the best of itself due to the operation of the Royal Purple XPR Extreme Performance Racing Oil. Finally, its transmission works at full capacity because of the Royal Purple Synchromax Manual Transmission Fluid which is installed in it.

In spite of this, the Recoil’s exterior is recognizable for its new Recoil three-piece forged wheels, a new developed concept made form Ringbrothers belonging to the HRE series, that were also shown for the first time at the 2014 SEMA Show in Las Vegas. The wheels are 19×9.5 and 20×13 in size and they have 275/35/19 tires on the front and 345/30/20 in the rear.

Now, we’ve got few words to say about the Chevelle’s interior which is inspired from the racecars. Its interior is handmade form sheet metal and other elements, such as the seats were designed to be in the same style as the carbon fiber which is present throughout the car while the race-inspired harnesses let you stay firm to the custom crafted seats.

The outside, the “Recoil”is coloured in BASF Glasurit 90-Line Waterborne paint color, more commonly known as “Sand Storm” and it is further decorated with hard-laid carbon fiber panels that are proof of the Ringbrothers’ ability to make detailed fit. Other elements similar to the carbon fiber panels’ decoration are the bumpers, the hood, and a few more.

The materials from Mirage® line were used for the carbon fiber cloth on some parts of the car, and most of the materials are woven in a 2×2 Twill style and this is a commonly used style of the auto-fans throughout the U.S. A characteristic that describes this material is the strength and the nice copper wire that is made from pure silver. All these features contribute to the whole picture of the car- an exclusive, powerful and rare vehicle.


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